Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday; Literally

I'm sure we can all agree - it's spectacular to sleep in on your day off and open your eyes to sunshine streaming in through the windows. Warmth and light waking you up is SO much better than a little alarm buzzing in your ear! It has started to feel quite Fall-ish here in Portland the last couple of weeks, so these last little hurrahs of summer are very welcomed.

Today was all about the sun; it's still warming up my arm as I sit typing this late in the afternoon. Still trying to sneak in the last fruits of the season too - had fresh, local fruit filled breakfast of sourdough french toast with yogurt (super yum!).... a highly recommended day off treat! Here's some little snippets of treasures found thrifting recently, taking full advantage of the sunshine for some photos. I am so in love with the ultra-tacky Italian ceramic "fruit basket" of avocados and mushrooms it's not even funny.... and the little clay wall flower is a piece by Robert Maxwell that I found in a top secret, mega cheap place that never knows what treasure they actually have.

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday, too!

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  1. it's so great that the sun finaly arives! Sweden is filled with spring and it feels so nice so go outside! Pretty blogg :)


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