Sunday, September 5, 2010

Still Kickin'

Still here in Portland, 200% consumed by the store (hooray!), severely lacking in blog posts.

Went home to the mitten state for a handful of days; my BFF got hitched, spent some time with my family, did not have time to go vintage treasure hunting while there (sad face), got back here and the whirlwind ensued.

I am anxiously awaiting permission to post photos from the wedding - they are doing it all over AGAIN next week in Italy, so no photos until after the Italians get to experience the nuptials too. Fair enough! It was, indeed, a most gorgeous wedding and happy event.... can you imagine planning two weddings? At least she gets to wear her dress twice!!

Here are some pics of the shop in full gear for Fall 2010; I am sporting a sweatshirt and warm socks this very minute. Oh, Summer 2010... where did you go to? We have been selling coats like crazy this last week. Hard to believe, but I suppose it's (grudgingly) time. Off to check up on all of you - hope all is well!

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