Friday, July 2, 2010

You Are Being Enlisted!

To help, that is - with a very worthy cause.

I automatically assume that everyone in the vintage blog world has heard of Dear Golden, because she has a super spectacular vintage shop on Etsy, and a super spectacular blog. If you have not however, you should - she has some of the most amazing pieces EVER. This blog post is about one of those pieces, one that was unfortunately stolen from her. There is a darn good possibility that this dress will end up being sold - and will show up somewhere online or in a shop. Here is her post about this lovely little dress, and above is the missing dress itself.....

....keep it in those memory banks! If you stumble across it online I am positive that she would love to hear from you.


  1. omg- you are so sweet to let my plight take up some of your blogspace. thank you so much Christine!

  2. My pleasure! I am always shocked when people do such purposeful wrong things; being the victim of theft is such a helpless and shocking feeling. I hope this dress turns up somehow - somewhere for you!!!!


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