Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Dresses Are In The Air....


I don't know about you ladies, but on an 80+ day, all I want to wear is a summer dress. Breezy, sleeveless, yes. I have stocked up on them for myself all year and I am sooooo excited to finally be getting to wear them! They are such an effortless form of dressing - throw one on and you're good to go with pretty sandals and your hair tied up. Especially since I have sworn off shorts pretty much for the rest of my life - everyone has a body part they can't quite get along with, mine is the knees and thighs. They do not take kindly to shorts.

The first one is my FAVORITE. Wore it yesterday in the blinding 96 degree Portland weather. I actually bought it to sell in the shop, when I tagged it and went to hang it on the rack I realized that it would fit me. Hooray! It's a late 40's cotton gingham adorned in gigantic buttons. Love!

The second one jumps forward a few eras..... 70's polka dot dress with the cutest little bows at the shoulders and flattering fit. Wearing it today and it's a little cooler, which makes polyester a little more bearable. Thank you summer dresses for existing! You save me.


  1. um, yeah, that first one is a keeper.

  2. I love your strawberry necklace :)

  3. Adorable dresses! I was so thankful for my summer dresses in the 100 degree temps of NYC last week.

  4. They look beautiful on you! I find it so hard to find a dress that fits properly. Help! We're not all that hot up here, but I could still use a few cute summer dresses. I feel a shopping trip coming on.
    Have a lovely day!


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