Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's the little things...

I am 100% positive I've had a blog post titled the same; but this one is strictly about accessories listed in my Etsy shop right now. It is indeed the case sometimes - the little things make the outfit, the "look". How cute would a plain old solid colored dress become if you added the bright little belt above? Darn cute.

Chunky Wooden Necklace

How about pairing this wooden bead necklace with a simple white or black summer tank? Instant chic!

Knights Ride 40's Scarf

Toss this lightweight 1940's rayon novelty print scarf around your neck and it instantly takes "charge" of your outfit..... OK, OK, bad horse humor......

Bright Metals Mega Chain Necklace

In the mood for some major bling? Add this and you are sure to reflect some rays of light onto others..... Have a spectacular day and make sure to accessorize!

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