Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where I'm From

(That's my dad on the left, with my uncles and tiny me. I like to refer to this as their "lumberjack" photo)

Good morning! Happy to celebrate two parental events today - Fathers Day and my mom's birthday. My mom is actually flying in from Michigan this afternoon to sepnd the week out in Portland. This will be the first time she's seen our little shop - excited to show her! She's been to Portland many times and super-loves it here; she also LOVES going shopping with me for the store. She has a great knack for finding hidden high-end items..... one of her last trips here she found me a $700 Danish Modern teak dining table for $40. Thanks mom!!!

Treasure hunting most definitely runs in my blood - my dad has "the gift" as well. He collects and restores old Harley's, and spends many a weekend scouring swap meets for buried pieces of motorcycle history. He also used to always find crazy stuff when he was working (retired now) as a surveyor outside; both of my parents can spy a needle in a haystack. Or mud puddle, or sidewalk crack, etc. I still have these really cool old glass marbles he brought home for me when I was younger - he found them at an old train track.

Here's some photos of them that I especially love - sending a bunch of love to them as well. Happy Father's Day dad! Happy birthday mom!! Thanks for making me ;)


  1. Love the family photos! And yep, I think the treasure-hunting thing is definitely a gene that gets passed down the generations.


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