Friday, May 21, 2010

Owls, Orchids, and Danish Modern-ness

What treasure filled days! I am officially cut off from shopping this weekend, so good thing the past week yielded a bounty. Most of it is all for me (hooray!) - but the owls are for sale in the shop right now :) I've been watching eBay for a set of Danish Modern flatware... found a monstrous 80 piece set for $12 at a thrift store on Monday! Woot! Made in Holland, teak handles - smitten. Also found a beautiful little vintage flower pot crafted in Italy; and the owls mentioned are a little sugar bowl and creamer set.

My favorite treasure was actually found in a downtown garbage bin last night while walking home.... Someone ditched a huge, gorgeous orchid plant on top of the garbage. It was done blooming, but the plant is in great health. I imagine someone had it in their office and thought it was dead when the flowers died off; lucky me! I have about 10 orchids, and all of them have come home to live with me after people (or the place I used to work) thought they were garbage once they were done flowering. Some orchids require 6-8 months of "resting" before they will bloom again. Most all of my little orchids have graced me with another bloom cycle, I have one that has not blossomed in over 2 years - but the plant is healthy and I quite enjoy having them in our greenery-filled apartment.
I found this interesting bit about orchids on wikipedia: The number of orchid species equals more than twice the number of bird species, and about four times the number of mammal species. I wonder what kind my little guy is!


  1. Christine! I couldn't find your contact details so i have to write you here like this... BUT i just wanted to say thankyou ever so much for sending me the link about Theatre De La Mode. I Hadn't had a chance to really research it more til the other day after you wrote me and i am so happy you sent it to me. I have old photos of some of the dolls on set but had no idea what or where they came from.... I'm also in the process of working on a show of life sized embroidered figures with sets and backdrops so this link came to me at the right time! It's like it was meant to be... anyhow, it's my new obsession so thanks ever so much for the heads up! Amazing!!! x x x x


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