Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Late 30's..... Swoon!

Travis found this video online - big fan of the late 70's band Suicide; this was a video for one of their songs in the 80's. The song is "Diamonds, Fur Coats, Champagne" and the clip is from the 1939 movie The Women. Wow.

Have you seriously ever seen such extravagant clothing!? I am 100% in love. The film was black and white, but featured a 10 minute "fashion parade" filmed in technicolor. Double wow. The outfits are all designed by Adrian Adolph Greenberg, who designed costumes for over 250 films including The Wizard of Oz (the little ruby sequined slippers? yep, that was him). He worked with many legendary screen beauties - including designing for Joan Crawford on 28 occasions. I cannot fathom the amount of imagination required and exquisite detail put into all of the dresses in this video clip...... swoon!!!

Thanks Travis!


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