Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Golden Raspberries

...titled for the rosy pink hued items in the ol' Etsy shop, and also for this magnificent gentle gold dress and jacket that just walked out the door from the ol' Living Threads Vintage shop!! The golden dress was deadstock, hand tailored with fabulous detailing even on the inside of the jacket. So glad the woman that tried it on fell in love with it, since tailor-made clothing is sometimes a bit tough to get to fit "right". It looked like it was made for her! Should have snapped a pic, darn :/

The 50's raspberry-watermelon colored dress is all hand crocheted and super gorgeous! They just don't make 'em like they used to. Little twiggy mini dress is a bright mix of trees and florals, just in time for a little sunshine! Well, if it ever pokes it's head out here in Portland again.... such mixed weather and cold. I started to switch my closet from warm cozies to spring things last night, but needed to dig out a long sleeve T to layer with this morning. Watching a spring rain falling outside too... could be worse, like snow!
I'm including a few other little dresses up in the downtown shop right now, too. Come on, SPRING!


  1. that first dress is absolutly gorgeous and i love the blue dress as well! :-)



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