Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Gentle Gray

I'm usually a person that gets up and immediately starts running around doing "stuff" without really enjoying waking up into the world. This past Monday I decided to sit with the birds (Petey & Max, you've met them before!) by the window while I ate my breakfast slowly and drank my tea. We were all having a grand old time when all of a sudden Petey (the cockatiel) flipped out and started beating his wings and squawking.... 5 seconds later I saw something hit the window outside with a little thump... it was a little fledgling Mourning Dove! Poor guy was fine, just a little startled - but he hung out on the windowsill with us for close to a half an hour. He was very intrigued by the birds on the inside of the window, and kept cooing to them.
My birds were thrilled to have this visitor and could not stop talking to him. So cute! I missed when he actually took flight again - but I hope he was more successful than the previous attempt! There are lots of tress outside of the window - I wonder if it was the first time he left the nest. It was a nice little moment.

I found these dove themed goodies on Etsy; inspired by our little visitor!

Pair of Vintage Dove Candles - The Aviary (appropriate!)

Vintage Porcelain Dove - Finding Fabulous

Dove Grey Dress - Volenska Vintage

Vintage Pentik Clay Dove - The Pink Room


  1. oh my goodness!!! how exciting! it would have been hard for me to resist bringing him inside to live with me!!!

  2. What a beautiful start of the day! Don't you just love such unexpected guest?!

  3. so sweet! lovely little visitor, and that gray dress by vonlenska is simply inspiring.
    m a m u s h k a m a r i e

  4. Love your photo of the real dove--and all the ones you found on Etsy, too! I'm so glad he was okay. Mourning dove song is so lovely. We have huge windows that face our backyard, and to my horror, birds often fly into them. Sometimes they don't make it, which makes me sad, but often they are fine after a little rest. Recently a robin got stunned smacking into the window, and he rested on our deck for quite awhile. It was so cute--he had a little friend who came and sat by him. I don't know if he was encouraging him or what, but it *looked* sweet!


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