Thursday, April 1, 2010

A peplum, please

Currently I am addicted to any piece of clothing with a peplum. Seriously, truly addicted. Such a charming, simple detail that adds a very feminine touch. I think it may be another instance of my 80's youth creeping up on my current style; go figure. The peplum as a dressing detail has been around for quite some time, however, and I keep finding gorgeous little piece from all eras. Too much temptation!

Alpine Dream Skirt @Anthropologie

OK guys.... and this is probably not very nice of me.... but who the heck are these people that can sell a nothing super exceptional actual 80's velvet peplum jacket for $420??!? I stumbled on this one in an online store that does vintage clothing, and it just seriously still blows my mind that 80's stuff can go for over $100. This was the era that clothing really started to be made cheaply overseas. I do understand, being in the vintage clothing biz, the value behind certain labels, fabrics, etc, etc. But, WOW. I saw a couple of 80's dresses on the site that I honestly have had and sold (for like, $16) and am forced to wonder if they shop the Portland market like a lot of Japanese vintage dealers do. More power to you for getting higher dollar value.... I definitely feel "dated". Kind-of like the little elderly ladies that come into my shop and exclaim "$38 for a blouse!?". Well, yes - it's vintage 40's, linen, painstakingly hand tailored, and actually on the low side of pricing. I am positive that someone would have a justifiable explanation for me for pricing 80's gear, in my state of mouth-open sticker shock as well. Whew! I need to expand my clothing consciousness.

Off to searching for more peplum cuteness!


  1. I know what you mean. There are some upscale vintage/thrift stores where I live that sell things I find for much lower prices for the kind of dough you're talking about (I love using Jimmy Cagney-esque references:) It always surprises me too, especially when the clothes are from the 70's and 80's. Oh and $38 dollars is on the low side! especially when some blouses are on sale at Target for that price.

  2. Yes to peplums! I have seen some that attach like a beautiful version of a belt, and I'm all about that incarnation too.

  3. I love peplums too! Haha. Always reminds of gossip girl. haha.
    i absolutly adore that blue dress and skirt!

  4. Wow, were the people selling that jacket wearing eyemasks, brandishing muskets and did they gallop up on a horse and say stand and deliver?


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