Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Extra Special Etsy Update

Charles Jourdan Jacket

Hand Embroidered Long Wrap Skirt

Well.... the start of one! Been meaning and meaning to get all these listed; you know how it goes. These are some extra special gems that need to be online, rather than live-in-person. I have quickly learned since opening the store that some people can wreak havoc on vintage clothing. Last weekend I had a group of three teenage girls come in and try on almost everything in the shop - of course with zero intention of actually purchasing anything! I really want to make it a welcoming environment for anyone that wanders in, but have definitely lost my patience on a few occassions already. I guess people will be people.

So, here are a few of the too-nice-for-the-general-public items going in to the ol' Etsy shop tomorrow. The Charles Jourdan jacket is sooooooo tempting to keep! Softest leather I've ever felt in my entire life - seriously. Hot!

Travilla Summer Dress

Velvet Princess Dress with Embroidery

Little 70s Halter

Also please check out this little link to our store, Living Threads Vintage. The gracious Anne of "Lulu's Vintage" added us to her fabulous website listing all the vintage hot-spots in the Portland metro area.... she has a wonderful online store here, and a great blog here. Check 'em out!


  1. Beautiful stuff! That embroidered wrap skirt is amazing.

    Yep, worked in a vintage shop for a bit and know all about the wear and tear. I think putting some of your more special pieces on line is smart thinking.

  2. Love the Travilla Summer Dress!

  3. these really are all incredible. the embroidered skirt is divine.


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