Friday, April 2, 2010

Bricks, Belts, and First Thursday

Last evening Travis had an art opening at Pearl Gallery & Framing in NW Portland. The weather finally decided to clear up for one day, but it's back to a drizzle this morning.... Lots of folks meander around the galleries on each First Thursday - and there was a pretty solid turn out. There were a couple wine mishaps, and the sweetest little girl that gave her honest opinion on each piece (pretty! cute! scary!). Travis let her chose a brick to take with her - she went for the one with the most pink ;-)

The bricks deserve a little explanation - it was actually a painting he had done on an entire wall in a house he lived in when we first met. The owner was going to remodel, and let him take "the wall" with him when he moved out... it's those flat, skinny bricks that are just for the look of a brick wall. He painstakingly chiseled each one off. Each one makes a wonderful, individual piece of art now. Love them.

I am still amazed by his work - even more so because I witness the process and transformation each painting goes through while he's working on them. Some of these started out entirely different than what we see now.

I love any excuse to dress up, and have been wanting to wear this dress... just a seventies polyester maxi dress - but I super love the way it fits. Jazzed it up with my latest favorite belt; wide suede with a little puffy stitched heart and beaded detail. Swoon! A wonderful evening indeed, as you can probably judge by my rosy cheeks and wine in hand.

Travis Taylor Artist Statement
Art, for me, is not about building or creating something. It is more about taking something apart. Chiseling and hammering away at the subconscious rocks; looking for fossils, looking for clues, looking for anything that I can find. As an artist I would rather raise questions than to please instantly. Once a judgment has been made about a piece of art, favorable or not, I believe it to be a very final thing. The longer it hangs in the balance of uncertainty, the more potential there is of a lasting impression and connection.


  1. oh my that belt is gorgeous, I love this.

    lovelove, M.

  2. I can't wait to be in that area, it seems like there is so much support for the arts. Looks like you had fun!

  3. Love your whole look! First Thursday is fun....I haven't been in years! Also liking the painted bricks and the story behind them :)

  4. Love the bricks! Great idea. Your dress is pretty sweet too.
    I passed on the "Sunshine Award" to you, so check my blog for details. have a great day!

  5. that's awesome Portland also got an art night/walk thing!! I love going out for that!
    what a wonderful story about Travis's brick art/wall :)

  6. i love your hair colour

    and beautiful dress!


  7. you have the best bangs ever!

    can't wait to check out the art walk when i get to Portland in 33 days!!! eeeep

  8. wow...travis' bricks are AMAZING!!! what a talented guy! and, as always, you looked lovely!


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