Saturday, April 24, 2010

Big Jewelry, Big Temptation

Always, always I have had a "thing" for jewelry. Recently my love for gigantic adornment has been revived - mostly due to this super fabulous late 60's necklace. My love for jewelry in general was most likely sparked by my mother.... I have many fond memories of digging through her earring "drawer", old jewelry boxes, and the rack of necklaces on the wall. In fact I have the same exact necklace organization employed today - a vintage wall-mount hat rack, works perfectly!

We have some extra amazing big jewelry in the store right now, and I have to tell myself daily that I don't actually need to own it - I can appreciate it here until it sells.... but then I won't get to look at it anymore! I figure if that's one of my biggest worries in life, I should count myself pretty darn lucky ;)

LOVE this monstrously huge cut glass cocktail ring... the color is so pretty, but I know how clutzy I am, and I would definitely injure myself wearing it (because I would not wear it just for cocktails!). This Whiting and Davis gold mesh necklace is also tempting.... and these zodiac pendants! One is even an Aries! Oh!

I am also kicking myself for NOT giving into temptation long ago and snatching up one of the Razza Ram necklaces (Aries thing again) online when they were still semi-affordable for my meager budget. I have coveted one forever, and then I saw one on the gorgeous Sea of Shoes blog recently and immediately decided that yes, I do in fact need one of those... only to find through online searching that they have seriously gone up in value! I actually can't even find one on Etsy or eBay right now. Darn. But good for treasure hunters that dig one up!


  1. All beautiful, but my fave is the top necklace. I. Want. It.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Ooh, I like the gold mesh necklace, very beautiful!

  3. once again...i'm with you. big, chunky, gaudy, ostentatious...the more i love it!!!


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