Thursday, March 18, 2010

Take a picture, it will last longer...

This blog title applies in a couple different ways to my day. For what seemed like an eternity this morning, I struggled with changing one of the mannequins in the window.... and boy, do people like to stop and watch you undress a mannequin! Weird. I politely ignored them, except the one guy that actually tapped on the window to wave. Double weird. The title phrase kept running through my head, but I'm glad no one actually did take a picture! Being downtown, many tourists go by and our mannequins have indeed had their picture snapped more than once. What can I say... they are pretty darn well dressed ;-)

As far as pictures... I have super-duper been lacking in outfit posts!!! I took a (still blurry - need that new camera ASAP!) couple today in the "angled, absent head self portrait" style, since that's what I felt like. I love, love this bright blue linen day dress, I've had it for about 3 years and get a fair amount of use out of it. It is very fade and wrinkle resistant and is a favorite. I did take a picture of my head, just because.

Check out my outfit from a few days ago... crazy! I have this gorgeous military inspired, navy blue St. John knit cardigan that I wanted to style with a skirt, but could not find one in the black hole of my closet. Settled for high waisted pants and oodles of belts. After I looked at this picture I immediately thought of Michael Jackson. Not the look I was going for, but that's cool.

Tomorrow I will attempt an outfit photo with a pretty background and such. Take care until then!!

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  1. words cannot express how much i am coveting that st. john cardigan. and it's made all the better by the layered belts!!!

    i know we have before discussed our mutual fetish for belts, so i know you'll understand how sad i am that my belly will no long allow them. two weeks ago a tried to wear a stretchy elastic one waaaaaaaaaaaaay up high over the belly to give some shape to a maternity top that was still a little too big, and man was i uncomfortable all day (but, dammit! i refused to take that belt off!!! lol). anyway, i came home that night and (temporarily)bid my belts adieu...sigh.... ;)


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