Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flower on the Wall(paper)

Hello! A while ago I found this roll of vintage wall paper, and I have just rediscovered it as I've been rummaging through boxes piled high in the back room of the store. Well, the "backroom" is just a tiny little staircase that leads to the rest of the building we're located in.... but it is indeed packed full!!

Just found one roll of this little floral beauty, and I am trying to decide it's fate now that it's in my hands. I am thinking of just using it in a window display; suspended and draped down from high... hard to explain so that you get a good visual. I will take a photo if it comes to fruition. I am a wallpaper fan for sure, even though we can't put it up in our rented apartment. I have several rolls that are "waiting" for something grand. I even have some photo samples of wallpaper stored away on my computer - apologies that I do not remember where I got them from. I search eBay lots for amazing wallpaper that I never buy..... I especially love the Mayan glyph printed paper. It would not match any decor I have, but I love it!

I snapped a pic this morning of the wallpaper by the front door of our apartment building. I imagine it used to be a very different color and much more vivid; the building was built in 1910 and this wallpaper is quite old, but I'm not sure if it's original. Pretty intriguing, regardless!

Any fun suggestions on how to appreciate vintage wallpaper sans walls?? I'd love to hear them!


  1. I love the green wallpaper with the pink flowers!

  2. ahhh I <3 wallpapers, too! if I had a house a few rooms would be wallpaper-ed for sure!

    I've thinking and wanting to try,,,
    printing on wallpaper will be fun and interesting. or making cards or wall art/deco. so much potential!!

  3. i love all that wallpaper! you could decoupage a box with wallpaper...wrap a present...line a drawer...sooo many things to do with wallpaper! i love it. haha =]


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