Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Euro Week on Etsy!

Oh boy!! Another excuse (like I need one) to showcase my beloved, bestest friends Etsy shop!

This week is Euro Week on Etsy; sellers from all over Europe are being featured AND some great sales and deals on shipping abound. You can get a little snippet of some sellers here , and you can find my BFF's shop here. It's called A Thousand Joys, and in it you will find many little beautiful handmade treasures.... creating and selling jewelry has been something she's dreamed of since we first met long ago in high school art class. She's doing it! And, she now lives in Italy doing it - lucky girl. Here's some of my favorite pieces in her shop right now - enjoy!


  1. that my fave jewelry designer has gone to only doing high-end, one of a kind pieces, your friend might be my new go-to for unusual jems!!!

  2. what more could a girl ask from her best friend!


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