Saturday, March 20, 2010

DVF for my ELD

OK - to set things straight right off - "DVF" refers to Diane von Furstenberg, and "ELD" refers to my Extra Long Day. Saturday's will prove to be a get-up early, shop, off to work until 7, then shop some more day..... but I love it! Who knows what treasure awaits!?

Remember last post I mentioned changing the lady mannequin in our window? She is looking smashing in a 70's Diane von Furstenberg dress, and she inspired me to wear my DFV 90's pink plaid skirt and jacket set today. Love it! It is so very comfortable and makes me look all dressed up without much effort, something her pieces accomplish so well.

My earrings were lovingly handmade by Travis as a gift. They have little envelopes addressed to me from him, with an actual little letter inside the envelope!! My mystery love note is encased in glass and framed with painted wood. Oh, how they make my heart skip a beat....

...time to close up shop and SHOP!


  1. awe, that's so cute!
    and that suits looks lovely on you :)


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