Monday, March 29, 2010

Abundance of Cute

For the last week my poor mother has been couch-bound, due to a bad knee and bad back. Poor momma! Never one to miss an opportunity to do something creative, she's been churning out all these Easter themed cuties like there's no tomorrow. She told me over the telephone that she'd been busy... I had no idea how many tiny creatures she's created in the last week until I saw this pics yesterday!

She used vintage wool sweaters that she felted; and no pattern. She has always amazed me by her ability to just make anything!! It's always been a dream of hers to make little stuffed animals, and toys for children.... she will be retiring soon from teaching and if I know her - she'll dive right into this idea. Go mom!

Here's a photo of some little pickles she made for me and my best friend (who is a pickle connoisseur!) out of a pair of green fleece gloves....

...and a little cat she made for me when I was tiny- so this cat is over 30 now! Still darn cute. I'm trying to get her to start an Etsy shop - I'll keep you posted on the unfolding cuteness.


  1. She should totally start an Etsy shop! Those pickles are soooo cute!

  2. OH NO! poor mama!!! hope she feels better soon!!!

    definitely let us know if she starts a shop...these guys are way too cute!!!

  3. oh my gosh! so cute! I bet these would move quick on Etsy ;)

  4. my little girl would be in love with those cute creatures! yes yes, let us know when she opens an Etsy store!

    and your little stuffed kitty is ADORABLE!! those handmade things from childhood are such treasures :)!

  5. I'm hangin with my pickles at this very moment!


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