Sunday, February 14, 2010

Whew! Store is OPEN!

Hello, hello! Oh, how I have missed you all - many apologies for my lack of posting and keeping you updated on the store happenings.... my brain was absolute mush the last two weeks. The store is OPEN for business! Whoo hoo!

1008 SW Taylor, in Portland, is the home of Living Threads Vintage. Wow. Can't believe we actually made it happen as quickly as it all happened. Thank goodness my little brother flew out from Michigan to help (thank you!!!), and that he remembered to photograph the chaos... 'cuz I sure did not. I will indeed be snapping lots more pics to post on here, but these give you a good idea of the whole thing. We opened on Friday, a little late due to last minute credit card machine issues and had a fabulous first day. I am so very excited to be in downtown Portland; there is a great mix of people and I can actually walk to work now!

Thank you eternally to everyone that helped out with this grand mission - the labor, the visitors, the support sent from afar. THANK YOU!

Off to catch up on what all you lovlies are up to.....


  1. whoa
    the store is looking really great! and awesome that you had a fabulous start and wonderful support from your family and friends!!
    the mannequin in the middle looks like you! kind of... hahaha cute :)
    hope I can visit your store sometime!!

  2. Congrats! YOur store looks really beautiful and well thought out!

  3. Congrats!!!! Maybe someday I can come visit your store :)

  4. The most heartfelt congratulations, red! xo

  5. Congratulations on your opening! It looks fabulous.

  6. Yes! I always go straight to your corner in Vintage Pink because you always have the best stuff. Now I can just go to your store!

  7. Oh you have your own vintage store! That is my absolute dream! Your shop looks beautiful, best of luck with it xx


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