Sunday, February 28, 2010

Take a Walk, it's Good for You

One of the things that has been a bit of a re-adjustment for me the last few weeks is walking. Yep, plain old walking. I am now able to walk to "work", and I am completely in love with it. Of course, it helps that it is Portland in the springtime.... all the tress are flowering and smelling delicious, and the spring flowers are making their appearance. Heavenly!

I get to notice all the details on old downtown buildings that I don't have time for when zipping around in the Geo Metro. Let me tell you there are some beauties! Definitely will be needing to purchase a new camera soon - the one we currently have has begun to take blurry pics and is not
that easy to lug around. Each day I'm walking I see little goodies awaiting their photo op.

While I do not have any photos to share that I am responsible for, I do have some that my little brother snapped while visiting me a couple weeks ago, and one that I found online similar to one stuck forever on my cell phone (the blog it is borrowed from is defunct) looking over the waterfront downtown. I live right on the western most edge of the city of Portland, where Washington Park and the world famous Rose Test Garden reside. I will be sharing the rose garden with you when it's in full bloom as well, but I actually love how mossy and green it is currently. Oh, do I love the Pacific NW! Hey Brian (that's my brother), get your booty back out here and take more pictures for me!!

Off I go for my walk to work - highly recommended.


  1. I LOVE walking as well, and those trees in that picture are just lovely. I can't wait till warmer weather to be able to walk and photograph again. :)

  2. I am jealous that you can walk to work!!! I am also jealous that it is looking like Spring where you are... def still winter in Boston :(

  3. I know, I used to walk to work and home everyday for a year and a half. It took 35 minutes each way, but it was a wonderful chance for me to get some exercise, clear my head and often I'd bring my camera along just in case I saw something great. I tried to walk from where we live day, and it took me over an hour. It was just too long.

    Portland looks beautiful in the spring. Its just one big muddy mess where I am:)

  4. Wonderful! How long is your walking commute?

  5. I love Washington Park in it's most mossy state the best! You live in a beautiful area :)

  6. It is indeed spring-like and beautiful here! My walk is between 20-30 minutes each way, depending on how pokey I am. And a major "Oops!", in that I called Washington Park (thank you littlebyrd) "Forest park"! I think there is a Forest Park in PDX - but I should know better than that... I live right next to the place. Ha! All those trees make me feel like I'm in the woods :-)

  7. I tried to walk from where we live day, and it took me over an hour. It was just too long.

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