Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today's Texture is...

...fuzz! As in, the camera's taking blurry pictures. I'm wearing a new obsession - velvet. Travis sometimes has amazing textured "morning" hair. We're all warm and fuzzy over here today, which is great since it's COLD outside!!

The photos do zero justice to this lush, chocolate brown silk velvet top I got from a fellow vintage gal, Charlotte, here in Portland. It drapes perfectly and is so soft, it's all I want to wear. I do wish the color showed up a little better! So rich! She just opened her own store in South East PDX - called PALACE. It's sure to please.

Go check it out if you're in the vicinity of SE Belmont, which also has one of my favorite little shops NOUN. They have a darn cute blog, too. Portland is my favorite!!!


  1. that's it--the hubby and i MUST plan a trip to portland ASAP. people compare ithaca to portland all the time, but i'm getting the sense that there really is no comparison at all.

  2. ooh, that top matches your hair! so lovely. I have a long floor length dress in a similar fabric/colour that I really need to dig out.

    I really want to go to Portland too!

  3. hahaha,,,,I love the bedhead texture! It is much like mine!

    We are working on madmen too right is tough trying to get through two television series at once! :)

  4. I really want to go to Portland, I keep hearing so many great things.

    I love velvet too! It just feels warmer in the winter for some reason.

  5. Oh dear, my brown eyes have turned a very definite shade of green, I feel a covet coming on...


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