Friday, January 8, 2010

Pretty Pictures and More Portland Love

Seriously. Everyday I stumble on something new in this city that makes my little heart go "thump". It usually involves traveling that fine line that runs through everything; interconnected, if you will.

For example, this savvy woman I know here in Portland by the name of Britt Howard founded and runs the Portland Garment Factory. It's the only production house in PDX for local designers. Pretty cool, huh? I was perusing her website, only to discover that she has her own line of bebe attire that is so darn cute it makes me smile out loud. I did not even know! It is called Babooshka. It is certified adorable.

I also had the pleasure of looking through her client list (you can too) and finally checked out the collections of local designers I hear about constantly. I've been out here about 5 years now, but I am still discovering new shops, new people, new neighborhoods daily. It's a big ol' city!

Kate Towers
is a local (iconic) PDX designer that just made me pleasantly sigh and daydream about visiting the Oregon Coast, and Sauvie Island. Her collections are titled such, and the on-spot photography is so perfect at showcasing the clothing and locale. I had to share! Def gave my heart the little flutter. If only it weren't in the forecast to rain buckets this weekend... Sauvie Island is only a 20 minute drive from PDX. Le sigh. I can always wear the clothes no matter the weather, right? Well, as long as there are proper shoes and coats to go along. I have a feeling I will be bombarding you all with more local fashion tidbits in my future posts. Brace yourselves for more pretty pictures.


  1. Those dresses are gorgeous.

    Happy weekend!

  2. ah! that baby (& clothes) is so cute!

    I love portland! I wish I could move there!!

    p.s. trying to get a holf of you! you won the giveaway!

  3. what a perfect name for a baby line. and i adore kate towers - i have 2 of her dresses, one of which i wore new years eve (we didn't go anywhere, but i was determined to wear me new dress). she also makes great tees sometimes!

  4. I love how you go out an explore your city! It is so easy to fall into a routine and forge to go on adventures (which is the state I am stuck in at the moment!!) Your post has inspired me to seek out something new this weekend. Those little baby pictures are too cut! I love how you used the phrase "smile out loud" :)


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