Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting Closer to Complete Chaos

I will first state that I should have done a specific post about the fact that I will be mostly absent from blogging for the next couple weeks. I guess this is it, a bit later in the game. Things in general are going amazingly well, and they could not be going as smooth as they have been without the help and support of Travis..... he is king of making important phone calls, building things we need for the store, making sure I'm eating healthy, and reminding me to not get too hunched over with stress! I'm a sloucher :-) It has been indeed getting more and more chaotic, however this is expected and I feel we're both pretty prepared for it - bring it on! All the excitement that goes along with knowing the outcome is our very own little store makes the craziness just "there", not really too impending or bad.

Things came to a bit of a halt yesterday when he broke his left wrist pretty severely while skatin'. We went in for scheduled surgery this morning, and after talking with the doctor we decided that we'll do a follow-up appt. next week to see how it's healing up..... they said there's a 20% chance a little bone could slip out of place, but it was set really well in the E.R. He is not allowed to carry ANYTHING (says me) and will be forced to watch tons of movies and dress in pj's the remainder of this week (says me, again). This will be a good excuse for us to sit down and get all our merchandise tagged, and I do love watching movies!!! This is a photo of him from a summer time session, hopefully back to it soon enough.

Still on schedule with everything, including squeezing in a pretty fun photo-shoot for our flyers a couple days ago; getting them off to the printers today! We got some fun shots, including one of me doing my patented goofy dance after we were done. I totally need to figure out how to do that photo thingy where I can use both pictures in one and make it animated. I think it has high potential to be hilarious, don't you!?

Movin' right along.... see you in a few days!


  1. OH!!! this is so exciting!!! congrats, again! so sorry to hear about travis' mishap, tho'! xo

  2. Awww, sorry to hear about your man's injury!

    I really like the necklace you are wearing in the first photo :)

  3. Gorgeous necklace you are wearing, but I am very sorry about your man's wrist. Ouch! I hope he is ok!!

  4. sorry to hear about Travis... :(
    but, perhaps you two needed some down time? yes, sit down and watch movies!! hope he heals soon and well!!

    you look cute in those last photos :)
    glad everything is going well for you with the store!!

  5. Gorgeous necklace. Sorry that your guy hurt himself; I hope it recovers speedily and well.

  6. Awesome photoshoot! You look so adorable happy ;) I also love that necklace with the navy trench, amaaaazing!

  7. Too bad about the wrist! Looks like you have some pretty smooth dance moves. If you ever come across some lovely size 9 shoes, let me know!


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