Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First "Me" purchase of 2010!!!

I know I'm a little behind, it's almost been an entire week of this new year thing... but this morning I finally purchased this 100% completely amazing, very unique sweater from kennedyholmes on Etsy! I have been looking at it daily for the last couple of weeks. *LOVE* I realize I also missed the boat with the whole sequins for New Years thing - and I am usually quite hesitant to wear them, but this piece basically calls to me. It's sequined peacock feathers, for goodness sake! *DOUBLE LOVE* The seller also has an amazing blog you can check out here.

Here's some more feather gems found on Etsy, oh-so cruelly tempting me....

Azure Hairpiece @ Jennypickle Designs

Swirls of Feathers vintage hat @ The Vintage Maven

Long Maxi Peacock Dress @ Spun Sugar Vintage


  1. Good God, that top is gorgeous. As is everything else you've posted! I'm in the market for plaid trousers, if you see any on your journeys...

  2. So jealous you scored that sweater...I was thinking of snatching it up too, but I think it will look much better on you. Very glad you got it! :)

    Hope you are having a great 2010 so far!


  3. Ooooo, love the sequin sweater! Maybe you could dress it down w/ a blazer over it?

  4. ohhhh very nice sweater
    i love sequins!

  5. Oh wow, that is a ridiculously beautiful sweater. I'm currently on a bit of a sequin rampage :D


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