Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wrestling with a Blonde (Ambition)

So. Here I am again.

About once a year I have hair meltdown. I get really tired of my current 'do and wish for something else. Short, layered, long, bangs; whatever I don't have. At least 5 times, I've gone all out and bleached the holy hell out of my hair. The first time I did it I did not warn anyone I was going to, and it was SOOOOOO fun! It's only hair, right? Why not!? I went to an Aveda salon, since I knew I was going to fry my hair and thought they would probably do it the most gentle and "natural" way possible.... boy was I wrong.

I ended up losing about 5 inches of hair because the gal literally did fry my hair. It was super bleach blonde (see first photo) and was fun for a few months. Then I went red again, then I have been doing this blonde thing every so often. I do it, end up chopping my hair, get tired of it, then try to grow my hair out back to what it was until I was like, 14, and first had my hair cut.
Long and red!

I am impatient. I am unsatisfied. I am unruly.... why the heck would someone with a blog titled "redhedgingerbread" change her hair color? Because, it is just hair after all, and my fiery headed nature and pink complexion will scream again at some point for red locks. It always happens. But ever since I first tried blonde.... that happens too!! I am currently in the midst of this cyclical obsession. Ahck.

I need help. Blonde again for a while and blow the whole premise of my blog title (which BTW my momma has called me ever since I can remember)??? Or patience and let it be..... or maybe I could just chop it and that's that. I've posted a pic of me with the short and red thing here.

Life should not be this dificult. Joking. Advice, please.


  1. I just saw your comment on my blog and made my way over here as fast as I could :) YES! There must be something in the air that makes us want to change up our looks! Hmmm I think you look lovely with both blond and red hair, but I think I lean more towards the redhead gingerbread look ;) It just compliments your skin tone so well! What about a really fun hair cut? Or new obsession...extensions? But I do agree, it's just hair, it'lll grow back, take risks! haha, I don't think I have been much help at all! Oh and those pictures of you when you were little are soo adorable!!! Again love that hair color! (what about strawberry blonde?)

  2. Man, I used to do this all the time. Suddenly get an urge and chop off all my hair or dye it some crazy colour. Having had a few disasters where I had to get up SUPER EARLY before work and go to the chemist or hairdresser and get it sorted I don't do it anymore. (One time I had pure orange vivienne westwood hair. Not good.)

    I just have long, natch brown hair now. Much less stressful.

    Why not try a super red version of your own colour?

  3. I know about the hair change bug, but am afraid to change my color too much and fry my hair. That being said, I think you should do what you really want. If you're itching for something totally different, go for it.

  4. I get it, but your hair colour is georgus! So keep it or else you have to change the name of your!

  5. I think you should stick w/ the red. Not many people have natural red hair like you!

  6. your hair is gorgeous as the way it is, in my opinion!
    but if you have to do it, then you HAVE TO do it, right? I know how it feels!!
    but when I get that hair change urge, I usually end up with some regrets... I cut my bangs a couple months ago, and now it is in-between length. I want to grow it long again, but the in-between length is so annoying and don't know what to do with it!

  7. Thanks everyone!!! Glad to know I am not alone in the hair-change-urge club. When I woke up this morning I am thinking I'll just go with a cut.....

  8. i hear you, girl! i've managed to keep my hair long for almost two years and that's a MIRACLE!!! i typically get bored and change it up every few months (my hair grows super fast, so it's easy to do that). what's strange is that my stylist totally doesn't like my hair long. she keeps asking when "we're" going to cut it, and that just pisses me off and makes me want to keep it long all the more! HA!

  9. i've beenn thinking about this for a little while now, and i say do what makes you happy. my red always faded to strawberry blonde anyhow

  10. You can do whatever you want to your hair but deep down you know you are always a redhead. Even when my hair is dark (not doing that for a while again, it took me 3 hairdresser visits to get it back to blonde), I still feel like a blonde dutch kid.

  11. Your new blonde locks are fabulous!
    Hope you're having a great holiday-
    Happy new year!
    Cecilia G

  12. Blonde looks great on you...but I always wished I could be a ranga :)


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