Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's the Little Things...

Oh my, have I been crazy busy trying to get caught up here from being gone for a week (which was almost a whole other week ago!).... no time this morning for getting pics of an outfit or any online finds.... So, here are some random photos saved on my computer.

Each of these makes me happy for different reasons - the little lion toy was mine when I was little, my mom just recently found it and gave it to me all over again (thanks mom, I love him!). He's a little music box that dances when you wind him up. *love*
Then there's this random bug picture from late this past summer... we were walking up the stairs to our apartment building and noticed this praying mantis hanging out on a cement pillar. We moved it to the courtyard on a big old plant and spent a long time watching it "watch" us! These little creatures are so cool; a little creepy how they turn their heads to look at you - unexpected for an insect.

The paintings were done by my man, taken at an art show he was in a few months ago. I think I'll do a post on it soon - it was quite a production with over 100 artists in an old retirement home being turned into artist lofts. The birdman one is definitely one of my favorite works of his.

Of course, no random picture/ happiness post would be complete without one of my favorite things in the universe... plants!! These are the ones living on our dining room table and windowsill.

Back to more fashion and vintage topics tomorrow, have a wonderful day!!


  1. i'm not a big bug fan, but think praying manti (is that the appropriate plural form of that word???) are really the coolest. you so rarely see them that feels really special when you do. you probably got, like, a million good karma points from moving that little cutie!!!

    would you be so kind as to e-mail me? i have some questions for you...shell.blog.shop@gmail.com. tx! ;)

  2. oh i love your little lion! we have a local toy store that sells little toys like that....i bought my son - ahem - a giraffe. since then, i got him a robot. and now the giraffe is mine :)

  3. so cute! thanks for brightening up my day - very happy post.


  4. I so love this little lion... I have had the very same one when I was (wayyy) younger :) it was yellow and I remember it as it was yesterday.

    what a lovely blog you have and such a cute name :)


  5. That little lion is absolutely precious! The paintings are amazing as well :)

    ♥ Aya

  6. such an adorable post. that little lion music box is so cute :)


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