Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Gear!

Greetings from Michigan.... I've been consumed with getting ready for my trip home and the actual trip home; so I've neglected my blogging a bit! I wish I had pictures of all the amazing stuff I stocked my spaces in Oregon with - hopefully it will sell during the week I'm absent, but if not I'll feature some on a blog next week. Ahem, Ingmar Relling Highback Siesta Chair.... if you are still there when I return I maybe would like to have you come live at my house.......... I still can't believe I found one!!!
On to the topic of this overdue post - the Holidays! I am plopped in a recliner at my parents house currently, using my little brother's laptop (thank you!) and glancing out at the pretty little christmas tree my mom has on the back porch. I'm actually shocked that there is not an overabundance of holiday gear up around the house - my mom has been in the floral business since she was 15 and goes ALL OUT on holiday decor. She is however, the busiest woman I know and has been especially busy this year. Usually there are 3, yes 3, christmas trees up in the house! I have zero decor up at my house - honestly have not even thought about it except for the lovely features I have seen fellow bloggers post. It dawned on me that I have few "holiday-esque" items up for sale in the ol' Etsy shop and time's running out to feature them!

So, here are my Etsy shop picks for the holidays... enjoy! You can find them at redhedgingerbread, of course. Actually that sounds a bit holiday themed in itself, eh?


  1. oh man, that deer brooch is so sweet I think I just got a cavity!

  2. i especially love that apron and the deer brooch! you have such awesome style!


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