Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Comeback Kid

Hello! No, I have not morphed into a hardcore punk band, or an 80's TV show - but I do feel like I'm making a bit of an appearance after thoroughly neglecting my blogging for many days. I was swallowed whole by the holiday, traveling, and consuming massive amounts of chocolate. Seemed to be a gift of choice to us from relatives...... I can literally feel the cavities forming.
Time has been taken up as well by some possibly-maybe exhilarating stuff that just might eat up even more of my time if it comes to fruition; but I can't spill the beans just yet! Oh, the suspense. Oh, the possibilities.
To distract you from my vague description of what I've been consumed with - here's what I got for Christmas!!! Thanks everyone!!

Whoo hoo! Subscription to my favorite mag!

Little Twig & Bird Necklace from my brother - purchased at MDsparks on Etsy!

My brakes fixed on my Geo Metro! Hooray! Mine is actually blue, not red like this cutie. Believe it or not I've hauled a Lafer couch, a monstrous 1970's electric organ, and many a long lowboy dresser in this puppy. Just not all at the same time.

And... yes, I'm a dork but this is the thing I did not get for Christmas that I really want. An 80's Toyota Van Wagon. It would help greatly for lugging mid century furniture around in, and it is soooooooo bad ass. I obviously adore the boxy look in my vehicles. Maybe next year!

Nice to "see" you all again and now I'm off to catch up reading everyone's blogs.....


  1. YAY!!! atomic ranch!!! i got a subscription last year!!! isn't it the best? although, i have to say, every time i get an issue i am consumed with a nasty case of house envy that puts my in a funk for days, so maybe it's not the best reading material for me! ;)

    glad you're "back"!!! xo

  2. I am glad you had a great holiday! I need the brakes fixed on my car too actually :(

  3. googling ATOMIC RANCH magazine roight now!!!


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