Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Procrastination + Appreciation

Man, oh man, I am slow to get to my planned posts.... they seem to be straying from the original plan of updates on thrift store finds. Here's one that does stick to the original blog framework, meant for Monday and appearing on (almost) Wednesday. Sunday evening Travis and I stepped out to a North PDX bar and had a blast. Here's what our second hand laden closet provided:

dress - oh! not thrifted, but mega clearance at Forever 21
black leather and chrome snake belt - the Bins!
cowboy boots - thrifted
jewelry - thrifted and gifted

vintage wool army jacket - thrifted
tee - thrifted
Levi 501's - thrifted
shoes - Van's

I am incredibly lucky that he loves thrifting as well; he even has a space at Vintage Pink selling men's vintage. He is so dang good at it, too!! His eye for detail and actually finding mens quality pieces amazes me. Today we drove to Vancouver to visit our favorite spots there - the Geo Metro is full and I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow pricing and emptying the car so I can pick my momma up from the airport at night. Happily, all she wants to do while she's visiting is...... go thrifting. Of course, she's who started me on all this in the first place! Thanks mom!


  1. Thrifting w/ your mom is always fun. I actually got my mother into thrifting. Now she is a little out of control ;)

  2. yay, travis! the world needs more men who care about how they look! ;)

  3. you guys look awesome!! i wish my boy was into thrifting...well, he is if it involves old records and books, so i guess i'll take what i can get! have fun thrifting with your mama- i went thrifting with my mine last month- so fun!

  4. You two are such a cute pair! My boyfriend loves thrifting too but he's a lot pickier than I am. xo

  5. lady i'm so jealous your guy likes to thrift! i wish mine did! we seriously just had a conversation about this the other day...he says he looks at the racks of clothing and feels lost and that i look at the racks of clothing and read them...i get information from them, but my poor boy, though he does try his best, is thrifting impaired! at least he likes everything i bring home for him!
    great ensembles, the pair of you are adorable.

  6. oh my you look great i like the dress and your guy looks nice


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