Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Wow, wow, wow!!!! I just stumbled upon the most amazing vintage online store, and am positive that I am waaaaaayyy behind the times and everyone else must surely know of it.... however if you do not - you should!

Stocked with the most amazing selection of awe inspiring pieces I have ever seen, Dorothea's Closet Vintage is the type of experience that makes me question my place in the universe - wardrobe wise, that is. Why do I even own jeans?

I used to play this game when I was little girl (OK, I still do) that whatever I picked out of a magazine would magically be shipped to me the following week. I had to be very selective about what I chose, and I could not skip any pages or change my mind. Sadly, this wishing game never actually resulted in a gigantic shipment of parcels addressed to me full of clothing and home decor. I just caught myself playing this imaginary game while perusing Dorothea's Closet. I want everything! So lovely.

Thanks to LuLu's Vintage Blog for turning me onto this gem! OK, back to on-line dreaming...


  1. Sweet sassy molassy!!! I didn't know about this store!!! That grey '40s dress with the pink feathers...GOOD LORD!!!

    Thanks for sharing (I think...)???

  2. oh dear...this is very dangerous for me! :-) i LOVE it!

  3. wow, thanks for introducing me to this site. it is just a treat to see these pieces (especially the 1900-1920) in such wonderful conditions. i wish i could afford them, though... xo
    - www.shewilldressherself.blogspot.com


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