Friday, November 13, 2009

New Knit Obsession

I found this sweater when my mom and I went thrifting last weekend. I am completely, utterly in love with it. Extremely soft and comfortable, heavenly fit, and the best little fuzzy mohair strips down the arms and side. This yummy caramel color has been one of my favorites since forever; I'm especially drawn to it in the cooler months since I turn super white.... it helps to add a little warmth to my pale demeanor.

Last night I went to see "Everyone Who Looks Like You", a production by Hand2Mouth Theatre based in Portland. It runs through November 22nd in PDX and then will tour to New York in January. Highly recommended!!!

sweater - thrifted
jeans - CK and thrifted!
jewelry - thrifted
bags under my eyes - genuine lack of sleep


  1. I looks so warm and soft! Great thrift find!

  2. that color looks awesome on you! i don't know what i love more...the sweater or those earrings!

  3. Thanks for the plug! We linked our blog to yours. much love :)

  4. Great post girlie! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. I love yours and your Etsy shop. I am following you now. I hope you check back on Blonde Episodes. Have a great night! Kori xoxo

  5. i love the look of mohair - so soft and feminine. i wish i could wear that...but it makes me sneeze!

  6. Wow that looks so comfy and chic!


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