Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Finely Feathered Friends

Birds, birds, and more birds..... I know most everyone loves birds and I do too. Growing up my mom would always point them out and identify what kind they were, and give a little whistle or other example of how they sound. I am grateful for this knowledge now, and especially think of her when I hear a little chickadee or song sparrow. My mother actually taught my pet cockatiel the phrase "Wanna kiss?" followed by little smoochy noises, and I think of her when I hear him say that. Fortunately he has not picked up some of the on-purpose annoying phrases she tried to teach him... whew!

My cockatiel's name is Petey and he is insane. Everyone has their own little personality quirks, birds included. He is the grumpiest guy I have ever met, makes chicken noises each morning, loves pasta, and loves kisses on the head even though he is a grouch. I also have the most adorable monkey-keet in the entire universe. Max is a parakeet that uses his bird feet for ringing any bell he can get his "hands" on. When we first brought him home he tried to copy everything Petey did, and pulled off these crazy little flips and climbing feats that only a half monkey / half bird could do. They are the best!
Even though I've always loved outdoor birds and bird themed things, I never was a pet bird person. That is, until my mom and little brother gave me a lovebird when I moved out of the house. His name was Tabouli and he was the bird love of my life. He lived with me in Michigan, Arizona, Oregon, and even rode on a plane with me back to Michigan. I enjoyed his company for close to 8 years before he passed away.

Today I sported my most special bird jewelry! I found this heavy glass beaded necklace at one of the vintage malls I sell at - another vendor had it for $14!!! I love the falcon-like features of the birds, and the warm colors of it. It almost has an Egyptian vibe. Birds are truly special and enchanting little creatures, I think everyone should continue to appreciate them. What's your favorite bird thing?

Tabouli eating pancakes with hemp seed and veggie sausage - yum!


  1. i love your sweet birdies! i used to have a cockatiel named Kramer...he was awesome! i would like to get another bird, but i don't know how that would work out with my kitties! i also adore your new bird necklace!

  2. Oh wow, that is an amazing necklace!

    Birdies are so cute!!!!

  3. Oh! I've always wanted a bird! Thanks for sharing these pix...they all look so cute!

    That necklace is just gorgeous! What a find! Your little bee tattoo is cute, too!

  4. I grew up having pet birds. My dad has an aviary with Macaws,Quakers,& African Greys. My favorite pet birds are African Greys. I had one named Riki Tiki Tavi I'd like to have one as a pet again someday. Your birds are very cute! I love cockatiels little rosey cheeks!


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