Sunday, November 8, 2009


My mom has been visiting me out here in Portland, and I have so enjoyed her visit!!! Right now we're drinking tea, gabbing, and deciding where to go for breakfast. I have missed the blogging world, and am anxious to jump back into it after a couple days of neglect..... my mom gave me some great ideas for posts that I'm excited about!

I've found a few exceptional clothing pieces over the last two days of shopping that will go on Etsy soon (like, hopefully tonight!). I will at least get a preview on here if nothing else. It's been a busy-busy week with lots of excitement and a few things I'm still bummed out about. One thing in particular that has been really maddening this past week is an extreme amount of theft at my brick and mortar vintage spot. Someone even went so far as to steal the hands off of my mannequin!!! She was (is?) an all original 1960's Belgian beauty. I was ecstatic when I found her and completely heartbroken when I discovered her missing hands. To put it bluntly, people suck. I'm glad my mom was here to help kind-of keep my temper in check....

This is the outfit I was wearing (all thrifted) when I discovered a pair of stolen Ferragamo's - another victim of people's suckiness. These were at the beginning of the day, note the smile :-) I LOVE this blouse! Royal blue, rust, and green in silk that's sooooooo comfortable. The necklace is vintage faceted glass, pretty heavy but pretty exceptional. OK - off to breakfast!


  1. I am so sorry people have been stealing things from your store! That is awful!

    I do love your necklace, though :)

  2. GORGEOUS blouse! I'm sorry people suck...but I know I always feel better when my mom is around...glad yours was there to help smooth things over.

  3. I love these colors on you! With that hair! Gorg!


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