Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Head to Toe

Today only allowed me to do a couple 'a those "hold the camera out and hope you're in the frame" pics. These are currently my absolute favorite shoes - they are vintage Italian suede beauties. When I found them I thought they surely would not fit me (most older shoes are teeny tiny!) so when I slipped them on and they did.... whoo hoo!

Not the best picture of my little cap, but it's a gem too. Coincidentally it's also Italian vintage (Joy in Italy, if you're reading this, I think you've aided a new fashion addiction!). I found it a couple of years ago when I went home to Michigan for a visit. It was alongside a gorgeous vintage Adolfo wool fedora; not the usual find in the little nitty gritty city I'm from. I still wonder how they got there. Of course I grabbed up both.
This little cap is one that basically perches on your head. I think wearing hats in general makes one stand a bit more straight, when you keep your head back it pulls your posture up naturally. All day I was thinking of a story my mother told me a long time ago, about her sister, my aunt Beverly. She was wearing a little cap of some sort and my mom asked her how she was managing to keep it on her head.... "Will power" was the reply.
Off to those Etsy listings I keep putting off........


  1. Wow, great shoes and hat! I love awesome and rare vintage finds!

  2. i hear you on the narrowness of vintage shoes! i've been disappointed more than once to learn that my feet are too 'modern' for a coveted find.

  3. Those shoes are amazing! What a great find! Where in Michigan are you from? My boyfriend is from Michigan as well. xo

  4. A city called Adrian that's close to the Ohio border. Does he have intense Michigan pride? My boyfriend always teases me that I do! Like, even though I trash the place when I talk about it - I still sing the state "theme song" and talk about it ALL THE TIME.

  5. those are the best shoes ever! I have an obsession with all things floral!


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