Saturday, November 21, 2009

Comfort Clothing

The skirt I am wearing today I found a few weeks ago while thrifting; and it is just the thing I need today. Warm textured wool with the most magnificent weave; super seventies styling and pattern, and I love it. Matched it with a comfy top and more coziness in the form of a thrifted Banana Republic cardigan. This outfit called to me after a little bit of sleeping in before starting my day and after an intensely weird day yesterday. Without going into too much detail it involved several things, including:

1. A customer that was one of the most perverted old men EVER. The truly creepy part is that there was an older woman with him, stone faced while he was doing not so nice things. Ick.

2. (Good part!) an amazing art show in NW PDX titled "Speakeasy", a collaboration between two local artists that are damn good.

3. Drunken person at the art show "performing" and stepping on my boyfriends super expensive Roland 505 in the name of "art". He also commented that he thought it was a cushion. Nope.

4. Said drunken person yelling in our face and startling my boyfriend and myself, causing beer to spill all over my "new" vintage silk polka dot dress. That I love, that now has to be dry cleaned and is hopefully (fingers crossed!) not completely ruined.

Not really a fashion post, but my cozy skirt does makes me feel better! Thanks for listening!

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