Monday, October 19, 2009

The Weekend Bounty

Finally did some shopping this weekend... Started out a little dry and disappointing, but my last stop on Saturday was like a little vintage cornucopia! Unfortunately I want to keep everything. There are a couple pieces I am 'fer sure calling mine forever, including this heavy Danish teak chair with leather straps. SO COMFORTABLE! I love, love, love it and it was only $7. Oh, yeah.

I also found this crazy dress with these little birds, owls, and foliage. It's pretty trippy, and my style is an off balance mix between classic pieces and bizarre. So of course I have to keep this dress. Plus it kind-a screams Halloween / Autumn to me so it was perfect timing on finding it!

I snapped a picture of a past treasure found at the PDX Bins (I will dedicate an entire post to this insane place in the future... any Adrian, MI readers that remember the little "secret" Goodwill over by the fairgrounds - imagine that times 200!). It's a Laurel Mushroom Floor Lamp that I have been smitten with the past year. My new little chair complements it beautifully, and I am now more in love with my apartment. Hooray! Now, if every weekend this fall can be a repeat of this one..... I will be one perma-grin sporting gal!


  1. lovely! there's nothing else in the world like a full weekend of excellent thrifting!


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