Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vintage 'Do

Yesterday I wore this gorgeous bright, bright teal I. Magnin silk dress thrifted recently. I spent seriously close to a half an hour steaming the dang thing in the morning, only to put it on, climb in my car, and promptly set wrinkles in it for the day. Le sigh.... Anyhoo, I had been planning on wearing it for a couple days (I do indeed have daydreams about outfits) and thought a sexy, curly hairdo would go nicely. However! I have relatively short hair and always seem to forget that when I use a lot of curlers on it - I get poodle hair!!!

I worked with it, and it turned out alright. Reminded me vaguely of a 20's style 'do, and each and every time I think of the roaring 20's... I think of the eighties! Again with the eighties, I know. Why? Because of the TV sitcom "Down to Earth". Does anyone remember this??? I so completely loved this show (even though it was horrible), and the theme song is stuck FOREVER in my noggin. It was about Ethel, this flapper from the 1920's that got squashed by a trolley, sent to heaven, and then sent back to earth to help this 1980's family out. Included a link, so that the song may be stuck forever in your noggin as well.


  1. whoa! i've never even heard of this show (which is shocking because not only do I study television history for a living, but I was practically raised by the tuve as a child in the 1980s). Maybe it was programmed against Solid Gold...

    The 1980s remind me of the 1920s because of all the drop-waist dresses. ((shudder))

    Cute hair!

  2. BAH! Solid Gold! Aside from Fame and Greatest American Hero, it was my favorite show! I danced through it each and every week...I'd bring all my play clothes into my parents dining room and do wardrobe changes during the commercials!!!

    Adorable hair, btw...and LOVE the dress!!!

  3. i also danced (and probably age-inappropriately since I was mimicking the SG dancers)!

  4. I had a very mixed love for Solid Gold - loved the dancing (and clothes! yow!) but was scared to death of "Madame". Yes, I am one of those people with a marionette complex. Yikes!!!

  5. Wow, I haven't thought about that show in a long time! Awesome!


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