Friday, October 16, 2009

Seeing Red

Today I realized something. I need a pair of red shoes! I have enough of it in my wardrobe that it would be the perfect accent on my feet. I am pretty unpredictable in my color choices (I do catch myself wearing a lot of blues and browns), but deep reds seems to be creeping in more often lately. I just spent the last hour on Etsy searching for my ruby slippers and found some amazing options. I am tempted to commit to all of them!

top - Heeled Mocs @ Lucky Vintage Seattle
middle - Oxfords @ Lisazein
bottom - Mary Jane's @ Pineapplemint


  1. pineapplemint has some great stuff, right?! (and her photos are aggravatingly perfect ;)

  2. I love accents of red & a lovely pair of reds ones would be prefect! btw come visit


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