Saturday, October 10, 2009

Portland = Pendleton

Living in the Pacific Northwest and being an avid second-hand shopper means that I find TONS of Pendleton goodies. I recall finding a cropped Pendleton blazer in my Michigan high school days; my mother mentioned "that's a really nice brand".
Now that I am in the homeland of this label, I can fully appreciate how amazing Pendleton goods are. Classic, well constructed, warm and super stylish. I found these great old advertisements for them (I have never found matching Pendleton family pieces... but can you imagine??), along with a couple fabulous pieces available on Etsy right this very minute.

Pendleton Long Cardigan @ NodtoMod Vintage

Pendleton Plaid Coat @ Triple Gemini

....and does this new collaboration / collection from Opening Ceremony & Pendleton make you drool or what? I am so ready for chilly weather!


  1. that first photo looks like a pendleton family nightmare!

  2. i have always loved Pendleton, so rustic yet chic! I never knew it was out of Portland! Hello from Michigan!

  3. Fabulous pics !

  4. one of my all time best vintage scores was a navy plaid pendleton skirt suit. i bought it in college for $5 and still wear the pieces (not together!) today. thanks for this great post!


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