Saturday, October 31, 2009

My "Creepy" Hat

Happy Halloween! No big plans other than the usual Saturday thrift-fest.... but I decided to wear something a little festive. This hat is to die for, but I usually get "that's creepy" comments when I wear it, so it seemed Halloween-ish enough.

My pics do it no justice what so ever; it's handmade from vintage silk scarves and ties with an exquisite little bird skull and a perfect plume of shiny black feathers. It's on loan to me from my friend Brooke Weston, and the lovely person that crafted it for her is Alicia Justus - both are local Portland artists. Both ladies (along with my man) show their work at the NW Portland Gallery Cannibal's. I encourage anyone in the vicinity to go check this place out - it will change you! Absolutely packed full of art, it's almost like a museum more than a gallery. The exquisite woman that owns and curates it, Pamela Springfield, is like no other, she is a delight and knowledgeable about every piece and everything! Trust me, you NEED one of these hats. Utter perfection. Each one is unique, hand made, and being made of silk - weigh nothing. As far as I know they are exclusively available at Cannibal's.

*BONUS* right next door is the owner's other shop, one of Portland's oldest vintage clothing stores "Keep 'em Flying". Jaw dropping assortment of pristine clothing for gals and guys!

Please take a moment to watch these clips of Alicia (the hat maker) and Pamela (the gallery owner) to restore any faith you may have lost in the potential for humans to be divinely stylish creatures.

Alicia Justus *** Pamela Springfield


  1. wow, seriously stunning hat! I love hats, but never quite seem to wear them as much as I'd like to. How I wish I were in the Portland area to check out those shops...a friend of mine keeps trying to convince me to move out there, think I'll end up in the northwest one of these days, you have it all.

  2. Your hat is beautiful....I don't think it is creepy at all!

    Thanks for your comments regarding the vegetarian, but wearing leather dilemma! Actually, every single person who commented and was veg, said that they wear leather too! I too love a good synthetic shoe buy, but you can't beat the life span of leather shoes!

  3. The little skull is so cute, beautiful hat.

    Thank you so much for commenting and adding DJA to your reading list too, so appreciated.

    Happy Halloween,

  4. That hat is great!

    Loved the video on Alicia. It is always interesting learning about an artist and their thought process. She was wearing some great jewelry!

  5. I adore that hat, and it's so far from creepy--just lovely.

  6. That is a wonderful hat! I can't believe people think that is creepy! You look lovely!

  7. the hat is so charming, thank you for sharing it! xo


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