Friday, October 30, 2009

More Shameless Promotion of My Best Friends Work

OK - so I've posted before (and I know I have not been doing this too long) pictures of my best friends jewelry. Her work is so breath taking however, that I just have to show you again! Her name is Joy and she moved to Florence, Italy several years ago. Here is a link to her Etsy store, A Thousand Joys. I miss her greatly, but I know she is happy and doing what she is meant to be doing.

We've been friends since high school. At first viewed as "competition", I would always see this freshman (i was a sophomore) wearing the COOLEST vintage. We had an art class together finally and the rest is history. She had this bad ass old blue Chevy Corvair we had lots of adventures in, and what seemed like an endless supply of amazing clothing from her grandma's house. We've known each other for many lifetimes, I am sure of it, and always seem to be in synch with what life hands us. Currently, it's nurturing our passion for what we've talked about wanting to do since we first met. I always wanted to make a living selling vintage. She always wanted to make jewelry. And what a glorious job she is doing!

The first jewelry photo is a custom piece my boyfriend had her make for my birthday. Exquisite little sterling locket for me to place my treasures in. You can imagine that this was pretty much the best present in the entire universe; created by two of my most favorite people. Every time I see a new piece she's created I want everyone to see it, so please have a look. Lovely, no?
Love you so much Joy!!!!


  1. i loved reading this beautiful post, in fact, it made me quite happy! i think i would have gotten along well with you girls in high school! Joy sure does amazing work! i need to go check out her shop ;-) (your shop is awesome as well!!)

  2. That first necklace is beautiful. She's very talented!


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