Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hurry Up and Grow!

Last few days have been pretty hectic and rushed; lots of hurrying around town. This morning is starting the same - but I really truly want to make this blog part of my daily happenings....

So here is a quick little post with zero fashion material - featuring the jungle known as my apartment. My mother taught me to appreciate all life, plus she's a Horticulture teacher. This results in my inability to toss out any little leaf or stem that breaks off of a plant, and to take super good care of them. At last count there were over 100 plants in my tiny downtown apartment. They live in old cookie jars, retro dishes, jars and glasses of water. It is indeed a jungle. I love it.

Hope they make you smile!


  1. my mom is reeeally into plants, indoor and out, and after i showed a slight interest in houseplants for my room she jumped at the opportunity to teach me the ropes. i can totally relate to the "hurry up and grow" feeling too, sometimes i have high hopes for my plants that are a little impractical, but i continually wish that the few succulents and mosses ive managed to keep alive over the years would just grow really huge, break out of their containers and completely take over my room.

  2. I love your mom!!! She's one of my favorite reasons to come to work everday!


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