Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fresh for Etsy!

Oh, my. Seriously one of the most exquisite garments I've ever touched - this little number just went on Etsy this morning. It is insanely small (24" waist!), and destined for a pixie sized gal.

The pictures in no way do it justice. It's Parisian made; labeled with "Le Grand Maison de Blanc".... all I could find on Google for this label is that they were a fine linen producer in Paris, but my search was short lived so I intend to dig deeper tonight. I actually found several pieces with this label at an estate sale, I imagine the prior owner to be quite the refined lady!

If anyone has knowledge on this piece beyond what I do - please share!! Thank you!


  1. what a find! to be young and pixie-sized again....sigh

    one tool I use to help date my labels is the Google News Archive. just type in the maker and adjust the search parameters to between, say, 1920 and 1980. you won't have access to all of the articles/ads that are retrieved, but I've found you can get a good sense for the decade.

    ps: don't sell those kicky twiggy shoes so I can feature them in this week's shoesday swoon!

  2. So nice !

  3. Wow, that is gorgeous! Darn my love for junk food!


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