Friday, September 25, 2009

Whale Hunt

First of all - I completely 100% do NOT support whale hunting! In the form of a small wooden vintage stapler however, my opinion can be swayed. Found this little guy a couple days ago, but he was buried beneath other goodies until this morning when I finally unpacked the bag. Got the little warm fuzzies of finding it all over again.

This dress was an exceptional find at an estate sale - $6!!! It's silk and has a small matching bow belt. It was the only piece of clothing left; I think because the hem was out. Who cares!?

Fixed it up (thanks mom, I really did pay attention to you showing me how to hem!) and tried it on today...... great find!


  1. Thanks, girl! I like your blog too. Great Etsy store as well!

  2. Hi! Thanks for checking in on my I'm checking in on yours and bookmarked you forthwith...Your lovely photos and stories about your searches really complement one another very well! Not many people put the two together..but you do!
    Have a great day,
    Cecilia G.

  3. $6!?! That's redic! The hem was probably unfinished because the dress was probably UNWORN (didn't most women buy dresses unhemmed and then have them tailored?).

    looks lovely in any event!

  4. what a cute stapler! and the dress looks beautiful on you. xo


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