Saturday, September 19, 2009

Strange Days

What a trip September the 18th was. Good things; bad things. First, I found some treasure including the teeinest tiniest yellow feather from my little parakeet Max. Then I found this amazing old picture album filled with black and white shots from the seventies. Unfortunately all of them (including the plastic cover pages) are stuck for eternity to the album..... but they are so cool! I included a couple of my favorites and there are lots more, including some outdoor party where everyone is sitting on Herman Miller shell chairs! Sigh.

Also included is another earring feature; these were lovingly crafted by my boyfriend, Travis. They are like miniature picture frames for the ears - sandwiched between glass is another little stack of glass and love notes. Double sigh. They were a gift when we first started dating over 3 years ago.

The icky part of yesterday was that Travis had a bicycle stolen from the vintage shop we both sell at. Boo! I get so utterly and completely mad when theft occurs - being an Aries Horse combo I think I was actually more upset about it than he was...... still am! Oh well, que sera sera. Bring on today!

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