Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Procrastination be gone!

What better way to spend a rainy Wednesday evening than finally getting a blog started? I'll start with the basics..... Hello! My name is Christine; I have lived in Portland, Oregon for almost 4 years. I hail from Michigan and even though I am often caught dissing it, I've been accused of having some pretty fierce pride for the place. I live with my boyfriend, Travis (love of my life) and two birds. I have an intense love of hummus, carved wooden animals, tea, and silver jewelry. I'm a vintage peddler and have sold in one form or another for a span of over 10 years. It's been my full time gig for the last year and a half and I LOVE IT. Hence, a blog. I will be sharing my treasure hunting stories, pictures and other random bits starting now. Whew! Did it!


  1. Cheers... welcome to Blogger! Love your Etsy store. You definitely have a knack for finding cute things. Keep it up!

  2. Thank you!!!! I am quite excited to start blogging :-)


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