Monday, October 24, 2011

favorite summer

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A quick hello!

...from the depths of more than 4 months back..... I have neglected you, my poor little blog. Part of this is because... well... I'm not even redhedgingerbread anymore! I'm blonde. Just for a little while! I do this about every 3 years or so; go blondie for a bit and then go back to red with bangs. I give myself 2 more months, max, then I can be officially 'redhed again.

Life has been busy! The vintage shop is doing fantastic, so that keeps us hopping and constantly
( I mean CONSTANTLY! ) out looking for stock. Also - I'm getting married! Planning for that has been a little all-consuming as well. August is the grand event, and we're trying to keep it simple and easy. You would think that would be a simple task. It ain't. Very, very excited about it though!!

So a little "hello!" from Portland and a little well-wishing to all of you! I might actually start doing this again. It was kind-of fun! xoxo

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wish List

Greetings from too much to do land..... I believe that this little blog will be defunct pretty soon; and a new blog/website for the vintage store will take its place. It has proven too difficult for me to manage a "personal" blog consistently. I eat, drink, sleep, shop, shop, shop for the store - so rolling it all into one is the best thing. Coming soon!
In the meantime, here are some things that have crossed my radar while pricing vintage items online.... I think I need one more coat this season; I only have 14 in my closet at the moment. More, more, more!

vintage fur trimmed cape by Kami Sue Vintage

Late 40s Lilli Ann coat from the Antique & Vintage Dress Gallery

East West leather jacket by Vintage Devotion on eBay

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Celebrity Alert!

Pretty much all this blog post has to say is......


Of course, I totally missed it - but Travis got to meet her and chat her up.... she's in PDX filming a comedy series. Complete, 100% awesomeness. I know this has nothing to do with vintage clothing, but man do I love "Hellboy"!!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday; Literally

I'm sure we can all agree - it's spectacular to sleep in on your day off and open your eyes to sunshine streaming in through the windows. Warmth and light waking you up is SO much better than a little alarm buzzing in your ear! It has started to feel quite Fall-ish here in Portland the last couple of weeks, so these last little hurrahs of summer are very welcomed.

Today was all about the sun; it's still warming up my arm as I sit typing this late in the afternoon. Still trying to sneak in the last fruits of the season too - had fresh, local fruit filled breakfast of sourdough french toast with yogurt (super yum!).... a highly recommended day off treat! Here's some little snippets of treasures found thrifting recently, taking full advantage of the sunshine for some photos. I am so in love with the ultra-tacky Italian ceramic "fruit basket" of avocados and mushrooms it's not even funny.... and the little clay wall flower is a piece by Robert Maxwell that I found in a top secret, mega cheap place that never knows what treasure they actually have.

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday, too!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Still Kickin'

Still here in Portland, 200% consumed by the store (hooray!), severely lacking in blog posts.

Went home to the mitten state for a handful of days; my BFF got hitched, spent some time with my family, did not have time to go vintage treasure hunting while there (sad face), got back here and the whirlwind ensued.

I am anxiously awaiting permission to post photos from the wedding - they are doing it all over AGAIN next week in Italy, so no photos until after the Italians get to experience the nuptials too. Fair enough! It was, indeed, a most gorgeous wedding and happy event.... can you imagine planning two weddings? At least she gets to wear her dress twice!!

Here are some pics of the shop in full gear for Fall 2010; I am sporting a sweatshirt and warm socks this very minute. Oh, Summer 2010... where did you go to? We have been selling coats like crazy this last week. Hard to believe, but I suppose it's (grudgingly) time. Off to check up on all of you - hope all is well!

Friday, July 30, 2010

What Day Is It Again??

Hello! Been crazy busy and adapting to a little change on the side.... no complaints, everything is good. I did have the unfortunate experience of having my little car window smashed in by some hooligan last week; but I'm over it now. Lesson to thrifters - make sure you cover EVERYTHING up in your car if it's full and you leave it for a moment; I've never had a problem in the years and years I've been piling stuff into my car but I guess all it takes is one crazy person to break the cycle of luck. Happened in broad daylight, in the parking lot of a thrift store on a super busy street.
At least they did not steal my whole car - that happened to me when I lived in Arizona!!

Store has been doing great, keeping us busy-busy; and next week I am going home to Michigan for my best friends wedding! SO EXCITED! I have two dress options - not sure which I am wearing yet. I'll be sure to post lots of wedding photos since I am positive they will be spectacular. Until then, I will bombard you with some favorite photos of her and the lucky Italian guy she's getting hitched to (hi Francesco!) and of course, some cheesy ones of the two of us :)
Have a good weekend!!!
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